About me

My name is Alessandro (or Ale) and I live in Bristol, UK. I’m originally from Naples, Italy, where I studied Aerospace Engineering at Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. I moved to Bristol for the final year project of my Master thesis and then got an offer for a PhD position. I really love Bristol (great vibe, great food), so I decided to stay here after my PhD and I started a postdoc, which I’m currently working on at the moment.

I love understanding complicated things and solving problems, which is why I chose to study Aerospace Engineering (Fluid Dynamics and Turbulence are fascinating!). My passion for computers and technology drove me towards the field of Deep Learning and Computer Vision, which are currently my main interests.

I spend most of my free time climbing (indoor bouldering), here is me on a slab-balancey problem: Climbing

although I spend some time also playing the piano, cycling, taking pictures (Flickr) and learning to use synthesizers. In addition to this website I also have a blog, where I used to talk about science, engineering and coding. It’s written in Italian and I haven’t updated it for several years now…

Please use the top bar to check out my curriculum, current research, past publications and some code I wrote.